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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Simple & Cheap Ideas for Making Your Own Gifts

Homemade gifts are special anytime.

During these increasingly difficult financial hard times, homemade gifts may be a life-saver.

To start off this series of possible gifts for almost everyone on your gift-giving list, I am recalling some of my previous posts.  Just checking them out---- even if they don't specifically meet your needs--- may get your creative juices flowing with ideas for adapting an idea or as a springboard to another idea.

I always look at gift catalogs and ads for inspiration on recreating their ideas myself.  Usually the prices are outrageous and often the quality isn't that great. I have learned to read the "small-print" which brings to light any attempt to deceive (especially sizes in "kits" and cleverly packaged food gifts).  

Too many times, what catalogs or ads identify as stocking-stuffers cost as much as what we can afford for our main gifts. 

With a little forethought, no matter what we can do---sew, cook, bake, craft, draw (even if we don't feel we are particularly good at any of it)---we can create simple and meaningful gifts for others.  

Getting started -- miscellaneous overview 


Gifts for Children:

Two Barrette Holders

Three Art Kits

Craft Kits -- sewing, sponge painting, and rubber stamping

Simple mitten-type "My Family" Hand Puppets

Doorway Puppet Theater

Simple Toys for tots and toddlers --- rattles, counting lids, photo book

Chunky Crayons

The Good News Bear! 

Dress-Up Kits

Gifts for Grandparents  

part 1
part 2

A priceless T-Shirt for Grandma 

And a Necktie for Grandpa---(will be included in my next post)

Gifts for Anyone

Fingerprint note cards

Fabric scraps make lasting memories

Good News Bear for a teacher gift

A Cooling "Necktie"

Safe Olive Oil Lights

Lightweight Food Gifts for mailing ('cause postage is so expensive)

Gifts of Self --- Not "Stuff" 

Part 1
Giving a future gift now

Part 2
Coupons for  those who live far away

Part 3 
Ideas, plus how to make a coupon booklet

On Friday I will continue to provide the posts for my other  DIY gifts---including a variety of copy-cat candies and other treats --- all for much, much less than their commercial counterparts 
because I am . . . 

Simply, Gail the Creative Cheapskate

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