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Friday, March 4, 2016

Squashing Toilet Paper! or . . .

Honey, I shunk the tissue.

Just as I was finishing up the "visual aid" for this post our youngest son telephoned. He asked what I was doing.

"I am vacuuming toilet paper",

and he didn't blink an eye (I guess that would grammatically be an ear since it was a phone call!).

This gives you a good idea of what it was like growing up in our home with Simply, Gail their creative cheapskate mother.

Or as our oldest son likes to refer to me:  Simple Gail

Whatever works!!

And here is the latest thing that works for us as we enlarged and re-worked our storage area.

The package on the left is an original 36 roll package of Costco toilet paper.  This original  package measures 14"x 24"x 9-1/2"

The package on the right is a large Ziploc brand space saver bag filled with 50  rolls (36 Costco brand + 14 additional same-size rolls of another brand) after it has been vacuum squashed to  
14-1/2" by 21-1/2"  x 10-1/2"

If I were a math major, or knew a math major, I could tell you the exact difference in inches but since I'm not and I can't, suffice it to say a picture is worth a thousand measurements.

And, it is soooooo much fun to watch it shrink!
I used up all my large space saver bags and  still had  24 rolls of TP left.

That will never do (and, again vacuuming has never been so much fun!)  ---- so........

I shrunk it in the medium size bags - 12 rolls fit in each bag!

More fun when I  discovered the packages fit neatly, stacked one on top of the other, between the studs of the unfinished (and to remain unfinished) new addition.

I was showing off our new storage area to a friend who exclaimed, first off:, "Where did you get those cute little rolls of toilet paper?"

Spousal Points of View:

He: You are sometimes and somewhat compulsive.
Me: I am on a roll.
He: Patience is not your strong suit.
Me: The stuff is already out---I am efficient.

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