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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What If . . . You Need a Substitute for Common Medicine Cabinet Items?

3 PERCENT Hydrogen Peroxide, purchased over-the-counter is a cheap and handy item to keep on hand. It has multiple uses. 

Today's post will address medicinal uses.

Safety Precautions:   It is important that the hydrogen peroxide you use for these purposes is THREE PERCENT! Do Not Ingest! and Keep Away from Children! 
3 percent hydrogen peroxide is a good first aid solution!
Small Wounds
Apply directly to wound to disinfect it.  It will "fizz"
and doesn't hurt much. You can use a cotton-tipped
swab dipped in peroxide to swab a wound inside the
mouth.  Or you can swish it around inside your mouth.
Remember not to swallow it!

Tooth Paste
Mix hydrogen peroxide with baking soda until the desired consistency to use as an effective homemade toothpaste with whitening properties.

Mouth Wash
Use once or twice daily to free mouth and teeth of bacteria and germs.  Use one tablespoon of 3 percent peroxide for every glass of water, swish for about a minute, spit it out and rinse well with tap water afterwards. Do not swallow! When used at least two times a day as a teeth gargle, hydrogen peroxide can whiten teeth as well as make them free of bacteria and germs. Use a tablespoon of peroxide for every glass of water, swish for about a minute and rinse well with tap water afterwards. It is suppose to whiten teeth also.

Tooth Brush Sanitizer
Toothbrushes harbor many germs. Storing them in hydrogen peroxide is an effective disinfectant. Discard peroxide frequently and replace with new. If you prefer you could put the three percent peroxide in a spray bottle and spray your toothbrush after each use.

Ear Wax Removal
Prevent waxy buildup on the ears by using hydrogen peroxide. Tilt your head to expose the ear to be treated. Using an eye dropper, you should put 2-3 drops into the ear and allow it to settle for a several minutes. With a syringe filled with warm water, carefully flush the ear out. Then dry your ear using a soft dry cloth.

Germ Killer
Apply or spray on area of skin that needs sanitizing. Keep away from eyes.

For Nail Fungus
They claim it will kill fungus on fingernails and toenails by soaking them in  hydrogen peroxide, diluted 50/50 with water. From what I have read and heard from medical professionals about hard nail fungus is to treat, I have my doubts, but it is probably worth a try before trying the heavy duty prescriptions.

And once again----It must be emphasized that only 3 percent grade hydrogen peroxide can be used on the skin and for medicinal purposes.  Otherwise, you can end up with severe skin damage that offsets peroxide uses.

My next cheapskate post will cover household uses for 3 percent hydrogen peroxide.

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