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Monday, August 24, 2015

Prepare NOW: Realists are NOT Alarmists

I am still Simply, Gail and I'm baaack!

It has been 17 months since I signed off. I needed that time to handle some health issues. I keep coming across things I need, or want, to share with you.

In my  last post in March of 2014 I said  it was my understanding that old posts never fade away.  It has been gratifying to find that my inactive blog continues to be active in the  "hits" department. It makes me feel good to think that I have been able to be of help to some.

I am not going to add pressure for myself by setting a posting schedule. I will post whenever on (as previously) whatever.

I don't have anymore computer knowledge than I did two years ago (actually I have immediately discovered I have forgotten most of what I did know!).  This is to let you know that I still don't know how to let you know when there is a new post but if you are a previous reader you figured it out last time. . . and others manage to keep finding them so I guess it will work out.

I am a "Mormon" --- a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  Previous readers probably figured that out. I joined the Church 53 years ago after a period of searching for the right one. I will write more about my conversion another time. I introduce the subject at this time because, as many of you know, Latter-day Saints are encouraged to be prepared for a time of need---to learn how to do practical things to ease any situations that might arise.

Many of my posts addressed ways to be prepared. Things that Dave and I have learned, practiced and taught over many, many years. All of them simple to do, cheap to do, and .. . doable!! Even quite quickly. The only hard part is getting started!!!

I was recently asked to prepare a hard copy  listing of the preparedness posts my blog has covered.

These hard copies are making the rounds locally and are seemingly helpful. Hopefully what follows will help you and others on-line.

                  Bad Things do happen!

Emergency Preparation NOW : Realists are not Alarmists

Bad things happen! Somewhere, sometime, sooner or later, there will be an emergency that will affect you, your neighborhood or town, or even a wider area.

Often without warning.
Some global---others local---many personal.

Most caused by Nature's unrest---some by Mob unrest---Others by an Individual's unrest.

National emergencies and local emergencies that affect many --- that affect some --- that affect one.
You could be the one!

If you haven't already, it is important to begin to prepare now!

Although many would have us think otherwise, being a realist is not being an alarmist. Simply think of it as insurance. Do you hesitate to pay for insurance? Do you consider it a waste of money if you never have to use it?  How 'bout Thankful?

I posted at  thecreativecheapskate.blogspot.com for 2-1/2 years. It is still accessible. Many of the posts covered topics of simple ways to help you prepare. To access these posts type what you want to search for in the small search bar box on the upper left of the blog.

In bold I have listed the subject as you would type it in, followed by what the post(s) covers.
Insurance Why are realists called alarmists? a photo essay
Begin now to prepare The whys of getting started
Human waste  Ways to prepare for disposing/supplies to gather (2 posts)
Water Importance of; storing/purifying of, quantity to store
Grab and Go Bags  Ways to be ready for emergency evacuations (4 posts)
Contact information: Need for keeping hard copy contact information
Cheapest survival foods Food for bare bones surviving
Bare first aid cupboard  Putting together a comprehensive first aid kit (2 posts)
Hydrogen peroxide Many first aid, home cleaning and garden uses of
Matches Matches to make for adverse conditions
Emergency lighting  Simple, non-flammable oil lights/other lighting/cooking sources & info (2 posts)
Disaster without a plan Things you need to plan for
Hurricane Sandy Many thoughts/suggestions from one who was there
Batteries: Dangers of improper storing/how to store properly
Personal products Making cloth wipes, sanitary pads and deodorant
Eating the elephant Getting started with a food storage plan
Food storage and canned goods Ways to obtains, maintain, and find places to store it (5 posts)

Plus, you can type in the following for all you need to know about these basic products.
#2 dry milk
#5 wheat
#6 rice
#8 eggs
#9 beans

I feel it is very important for each of us to be prepared to the best of our ability for whatever comes our way. Our level of preparedness may not mean the difference between life and death at the time but, at the very least, it will definitely increase our peace of mind and comfort.

There are many internet sites providing a wide array of preparedness information. This one                     gives you a quick way to access a variety of subjects from my blog that follow my priorities of being simple/quick/effective/cheap---tried and tested by myself and others. And, correct to the best of my ability.

Sooooo long --- I know this post has been that --- and I am sorry.   I promise the rest of my posts will be reasonable...at least their length!

I am Simply, Gail