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Friday, June 14, 2013

Part 5 - Gain Peace of Mind By Being Prepared When the Power Fails . . .

Isn't it amazing how much light remains in our homes when we turn off all of our lights?  

IF WE are the ones to turn our lights off!  

No so when the power shuts off, for whatever reason - - - a completely different situation.

Gone are the little glowing areas from our computers, televisions, microwaves, stoves, radios . . .

Gone are the street lights and multitude other sources of ambient light.

Unless there is a  moon, it is dark! So dark you can't even see your hand in front of  your face.

Qualifier: we lived on a remote atoll in the Central Pacific Ocean for six months. There are zillions of stars in the sky, so many, so close and so bright in those isolated areas they do provide some light --- even a few that cast a beam across the water. It was/is beautiful and beyond belief ---  that was there.

Begin Today: Inventory your flashlights and batteries. Inventory lanterns (and their fuel) and any other sources of non-electric light you may have on hand. Inventory your candles and and matches. 

Continue:  Organize what you have on hand, list what you need and purchase, as you can, enough so that you can feel prepared just in case . . . Be sure to include small flashlights, for each member of your family,  in your grab-n-go bags.  

Expand: As you see fit for your family and what you may need or find helpful. 

Our Supply Contains  ---- wonderful finds from the Dollar Stores!
  • Glow bracelets/necklaces---multiples in each $1.00 package.
  • Solar yard lights, again from the dollar store.  They are still going strong after a full year outside---still as bright as the more expensive ones in our neighbors' yards.

We have brought these solar lights inside when the power has gone off. They provide good and safe light.  If the power was still off the next day we would simply put them outside to recharge.  We have additional ones in storage that we haven't activated. Actually we did pull the little activation tab on two of the storage ones this season to see if they were still good and they were!

To use now,  they are great pushed in the dirt outside a tent when camping, inside the tent for a safe light, and for fun and/or decorative light in the house, even when there is power --- just in case for fun!

I have tried to put these just-in-case-posts in order of importance, which gets harder and harder to do, as I go along, because we each have personal priorities. Stored WATER is the absolute first.

Because we are who we are, because we love the security of being prepared, because we like to experiment  with things we can do/make ourselves and well, just because ---- we have expanded in this area.  If you would like to gain more light on the subject of light -----

How to Make Simple Five-Minute Matches for use in adverse conditions

Safe, Quick to Make, Long-Burning Oil Lamps --- using fuel that will not catch fire --- vrom  things you probably already have on hand

Guide to Lasting/Burning Times for batteries, candles, fuel and more

Once again,  I love to hear from you, and I respond to all appropriate comments. We are having so many spam problems  we have had all "anonymous" responses blocked.   If you want to contact me please do it personally through our e-mail address, listed in the bar on the right side of the blog.  Thanks for understanding.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Part 4 - Gain Peace of Mind by Simply Having an Essentials Bag Ready to Grab-N-Go at a Moment's Notice . . .

As I mentioned a few posts back*, at the beginning of this series, a grab-n-go back is quick and reasonably priced "insurance" for each member of your family. 

And, just like any other type of insurance, hopefully it will never be needed but if it is ----- it will prove invaluable! 

*just in case you want to refer to it

The toughest part of assembling a 72 hour kit is deciding what items are ESSENTIAL.

Please, don't let that overwhelm you and/or stop you. 

Begin TODAY:  Consider your family situation (ages and needs, etc.) and start making a list of the absolute essentials you would need to survive for at least three days. (Three days is the average length of time it takes for services and help to arrive and kick in following a disaster.)

Early in my blog, I did two posts on grab-n-go bags:  Each will give you suggestions, guidelines, and things to consider to get you started.  The actual deciding is up to you based on the needs of your family. 



CONTINUE:  Obtain a container(s) for these items and start filling it ---as quickly as you are able. 

It is suggested that each member carry their own supplies as much as their age and size allows.

Keep Making Progress: Don't just stand there and do nothing . . .

Even if progress is slow, you and your family will be winners in a time of need! Start where you are and build as quick as you can. The only way you can lose is if you never start!

P.S.  In my earlier posts when listing canned items, "pop top" lids are suggested. Since that time I have read of a few concerns with that type of lid (in situations where they may be accidentally crushed -- causing them to pop open). If you choose to use the "regular" type of cans, be sure to include a small can opener.

P.S. I love to hear from you, and I respond to all appropriate comments. We are having so many spam problems  we have had all "anonymous" responses blocked.   If you want to contact me please do it personally through our e-mail address, listed in the bar on the right side of the blog.  Thanks for understanding.