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Friday, April 27, 2012

Cob corn in nature's own microwaveable shake-and-eat packaging!

My thanks to Ken for teaching me the seemingly impossible --- 
The "Bestest"! Quickest! and Neatest! Way to Cook and Shuck an Ear of Corn

I happened on the recipesfromgrandma.com website two weeks ago and couldn't wait for the first corn of the season to hit the grocery shelves so I could try it out.

That was earlier today. I really didn't think it would work---- even after watching him do it. (With modern technology, these days, seeing is believing is not always the case.)  

But. . .It did! And it was!

These are Ken's word-for-word directions: Basically, put two corn cobs complete with husks and silks in the microwave, and cook for eight minutes. Cut the husk off one end, and shake the cob out.
Can’t be any easier!

Actually, he shows you which end to cut off in his video.

See for yourself by clicking on the below link.  He is easy to watch and the introductory music is perfect.


Thanks Ken.  Hope you don't mind me spreading the word.

It can't get more simple than this and this is what I am all about because I am
Simply, Gail

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