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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

If We Are What We Eat ---- OOPS!

Notice: The following may be disturbing. I hope so.

It is said, "We Are What We Eat"

Last week I learned about the "pink slime" that McDonald's, Burger King, and Taco Bell (the announced ones!) use as filler in their burgers. They say they are discontinuing its use.  I have two "wonders" about that . . .
1) Did they decide to quit because they were found out? and...

2) what will be the slime's replacement? Something real? Healthy? I doubt that it will be high grade ground beef.

Last year I read "Twinkies Deconstructed" a fascinating little book about the making of the beloved-by-many little filled-cakes.

Little fake-creme-filled cakes that have a shelf-life that would render most baked goods petrified, that contain many ingredients you could not, let alone would not, consider putting in foods for human consumption----several which are regarded by the Food and Drug Administration as GRAS (the acronym for Generally Regarded as Safe)

Oh yes, GRAS is how the FDA describes the "pink slime"  ---- generally regarded as safe --- because it is first soaked in ammonium hydroxide. According to the news reports, "ammonium hydroxide is an ingredient in fertilizers, household cleaners and some roll-your-own explosives."

Two years ago we saw the horrible/outstanding/eye-opening//every-one-should-see-it movie "Food, Inc."The disgusting pink slime filler was discussed in the movie and our fast-food burger consumption declined for a while----until somehow we forgot. I don't think that is likely to happen again.

Fast food burgers are in reality "Mystery Burgers."

A friend, Chris, helped me with the provident living series we offered to our community three years ago. The night we featured rolled oats Chris brought samples of her family's "Mystery Burgers."

The name turned me off but the burgers did not and, as you will see, there is no mystery to them. I did rename them, however.

Chris' Cottage Burgers
2 egg whites
1 cup cottage cheese
1 cup rolled oats
1/2 to 1 packet onion soup mix* (Chris' uses 1/2)

Mix ingredients together. Form into small burgers or meatballs. Fry in a small amount of oil, about 3 minutes on each side.

*If you missed the post on making your own dry onion soup mix you can access  it in the recipe list on the right side of the blog or from the recipe tab at the top.

Let's all work towards becoming more aware of what we are actually consuming. 

And, making what we can.

By doing that, it will be easier to be what we eat! 

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