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Friday, April 19, 2013

It's Best to Tell the Truth and . . .

It has happened again! I have forgotten how to add the recipes from several posts to the cookbook list that runs down the side of my blog.

I have posted several GREAT recipes (at least I think they are and so do my tasters!) without being able to list them for your future reference.  I have spent hours going through my notes, digging through Google Blogger for Dummies, and experimenting --- unsuccessfully.

We have two grandchildren coming  through here in the next week or so on their way home from college. Hopefully they will be able to spend some time and will be willing to help me out.......again.

In the meantime---- please don't give up on me!

Fortunately, a few weeks ago when we were visiting, our daughter pointed out the little white search box at the top left hand side of my blog.  Can you believe ..... that's a dumb question ..... sure you can, that I didn't realize it was there.

Of course, you probably already knew about it.

Until help arrives I am going to list the recipes that don't appear in the sidebar and the wording to type in the little search box.

I am sorry for the extra work this will cause you but if you read one of the posts, wanted the recipe, and couldn't find it again, hopefully this will be worth your effort.

I have tried each of the "titles" I have put in bold, before the recipe descriptions and they will take you to the correct site.

  • Chocolate "Shell" gives you the 2-ingredient recipe for the crackly chocolate topping that hardens when it hits ice cream (or frozen banana slices). 
  • Blender Compost teaches you to turn your veggie and fruit trimmings into an instant compost smoothie for your garden.
  • Artisan Bread reveals the simplicity to frugally making that expensive crusty-type European breads found in bakeries --- in minutes for pennies.
  • Greek Yogurt shows you how to easily make this expensive yogurt  inexpensively without any special equipment.
  • Donuts provides simple and simply delicious cake donuts in minutes --- Dave thinks they are the best he has ever tasted!
  • Root Veggie Chips from my experimenting to create inexpensive and  healthy alternative to commercial ones.
  • Zucchini Chips offers more in the dehydrating line of healthy snacks. They are so much better than they sound.
  • Tartar Sauce quickly made from simple ingredients you probably already have on hand --- with none of the additives.
  • Cole Slaw Dressing perfect for cabbage slaw (I am not sure where the name Cole came from) to mix up in a minute using simple ingredients.
  • Microwave Potato Chips ---- to make, eat, and enjoy without any expensive specialty equipment.
  • Coconut Cookies that require only one bowl and one fork to make.
  • Barbecue Sauce that requires few ingredients, no cooking, and tops the most famous.
  • Jello Milk Shake for a cool and colorful refreshing treat.
  • Deodorant that does the job with natural, around the house, ingredients and no yucky, potentially harmful ones.
When I finally learn, I promise to
---fully write out the directions
---prominently post them in an obvious place
---immediately add the recipes to the cookbook list

Until that time, I will continue to add the search box headings to the bottom of each post.

And, I am thanking you in advance for what I hope is your patience with me.

I am Simply  Simple, Gail.

UPDATE!!!  My good friend Sandy talked me through how to put my recipes (including all of the above) in the Cook Book section.  Thanks, Sandy.

My next project will be how to make the Cook Book Section more user-friendly. In the meantime (which could be quite a long time) I hope you'll keep scrolling down to see what is there for you to make simply, cheaply, and without a bunch of added chemicals and other ingredients.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Make Your Own Chocolate "Shell" for Ice Cream and More

You know what fun it is to watch the ice cream store employee dip your ice cream cone in a runny chocolate that immediately turns to a  crackly coating for a yummy treat? 

You can make your own in minutes with only two ingredients!

Make it . . . store it in the frig . . .
ready for an instant treat at a moments notice.

This is the ideal treat to keep on hand for hot summer weather.   It's super great because it is quick, much cheaper than the commercial "shell topping" you can buy, and without a lot of unnecessary ingredients.


1. Combine 1-1/4 cups semi-sweet chocolate chips with 
1/2 cup coconut oil (measured when solid).

2. Melt in the microwave at about 70 percent power for about one minute (depending on your microwave). Do not overheat. Stir until smooth.

3. Drizzle, dip or pour over ice cream or other frozen treats* and enjoy.

Adapted from  Skip to my Lou.org 

Store remaining topping in the refrigerator in a bottle or jar. When ready to use the next time, heat in microwave for 30 seconds. Shake or stir and continue heating at 15 second intervals until liquid and well-combined. 

  • This simple recipe is simply too good to limit to ice cream.  We freeze banana slices in single layers on cookie sheets, scoop them into dishes and drizzle with the topping.  Delicious!

  • You can cut bananas into chunks (about four per banana), skewer each with a toothpick and freeze on cookie sheets. Dip each frozen chunk into the topping, allow excess to drip off, and return to freezer until totally set. Store in bags or containers until ready to use.
  • If desired, you could roll each banana section in sprinkles or chopped nuts before the topping sets. Then return to freezer.
  • Just before serving I have topped the picks with a pineapple tidbit and a maraschino cherry and set them on a bed of ice. 
I keep thinking of other things to freeze and dip.  Pretzels and marshmallows top my to try list. Sandwich cookies?

'til we eat again,
                Simply Gail