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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Simple Teddy Bear Cake w/o special pan

Back in the day when our kids were young you couldn't buy shaped cake pans --- even if you wanted to!

We made them ourselves --- and so can you!

TEDDY BEAR -- whose tilt-ee head and cocky grin is just the look you gave to him

  1. Cover a board or heavy cardboard, a little larger than your finished cake will be, with aluminum foil. 
  2. Make cake mix or favorite recipe (for two layers)  as desired,dividing batter into one 9-inch square pan and one 8-inch round pan. 
  3. Bake as directed, and after removing from pans, let cool completely. 
  4. Place on covered board as shown on the left below.
  • Cut strip, one-inch from edge, down each side of square cake, and cut each strip into 4 equal pieces.
  • Using frosting of your choice, "glue" the pieces as shown in the illustration on the right to make the legs. 
  • Frost the cake with chocolate frosting. 
  • The bear in the photo is topped with white and chocolate* coconut. I have usually skipped the coconut used white and chocolate frosting instead.  
  • Half of a marshmallow is "glued" to each leg to make paws.
  • Use candies and licorice strings to make the claws and mouth. You can also use frosting for these.
*To make chocolate coconut:
  1. Melt 3 squares semisweet chocolate over low heat. Stir in 1 T shortening. Stir in 2 cups shredded coconut. Spread on wax-paper-lined cookie sheet. Let harden. 
'til we eat again,
          Simply, Gail


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much. I made a version of this cake for my daughter's 3rd birthday and now am baking for her children.

Derek4more said...

My mother made this (and a pink elephant, and a boat) for my brother and me when we were kids and I have the fondest memories of it. Plus, it's delicious!