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Friday, May 4, 2012

What If . . . You Need to Light a Match in Adverse Conditions?

Have you ever tried to keep a match lit 
 in adverse conditions?
       Very difficult! Always frustrating! Often impossible!

                Unless you are using the simple-to-make 
                       5-minute match!

Perfect for times you need to start a fire when the wind            is blowing and/or you are lacking proper kindling.  

Quick and Cheap to make ---- 
invaluable to have!


  • a box of wooden "strike anywhere" matches
  • yarn cut into 18" lengths
  • paraffin wax and
  • a small empty tuna can or similar
1. Tie a piece of yarn just below the head of the match, then using a series of half-hitches (for the men) or chain stitches (for the women), wrap the entire length of the match stick with the yarn, leaving just enough area uncovered at the end of the  stick to allow you to hold the match. There should be a "tail" (or length) of yarn remaining.

2. Once the matches are complete, melt the paraffin wax in the can which is sitting in a pan of water over low heat. Watch carefully as wax is highly flammable! 

3. Holding each match by its remaining yarn "tail", lower the match into the melted wax. After a few moments remove the wax covered match and allow to dry on a piece of waxed paper or aluminum foil. Repeat the process.

4. When the wax is completely dry, cut the off the excess yarn and store the matches in a safe container. An empty plastic medicine vial is good for this.

Flaming match

I have yet to see one of these matches fail to light and have never needed to light a second one to get the job done!

I love quick, cheap and useful things you can recreate yourself. I hope you do also! I am 
          Simply, Gail

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