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Friday, October 7, 2011

What If . . . You Want to Go "Greener" in Your Garden?

3 PERCENT Hydrogen Peroxide, purchased over-the-counter is a cheap and handy item to keep on hand. It has multiple uses. 

Yesterday's post addressed the household uses of  three percent hydrogen peroxide. Today's post will address just a couple of its many garden uses. If you want more information on garden uses and specific amounts to use for different garden and outside applications type "hydrogen peroxide for gardens" in your search engine.

The life cycle of one of my favorite flowers! A bane to many----a delight to children.
Using Hydrogen Peroxide In The Garden
Gardeners keep it handy because of its horticultural values that include:

Spanish water, which is basically just a weak hydrogen peroxide solution, is used to treat root rot and to encourage root development. Although there is little scientific evidence to support the claim, gardeners swear by its anecdotal properties.

Mix an ounce of hydrogen peroxide with a cup of water, which can then be used as a “green” pest controller as well as a rich source of oxygen for your plants. Just spray whenever and wherever necessary.

If you have an aquarium, or a fishpond outside the house, you can use hydrogen peroxide to control fungi present in fishes and their eggs. And since it has been classified safe for fish use by the Food and Drug Administration, it should not kill your fish.  Use moderately for this purpose.

These past three posts have shown you just a few ways to save money and go "green" by simply using the hydrogen peroxide in your home and garden. These will get you started on this cheap and versatile product. Check out internet sites for more.

Just remember, keep hydrogen peroxide, as well as any medicines and household cleaners, away from small children! They can't tell the difference between a jug of apple juice or a jug of a similarly colored toxic cleaner.

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