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Friday, October 14, 2011

#3 Give the Gift of Self . . . Not Stuff

Give a gift that keeps on giving—in the form of personalized coupons.

The skies the limit when you are giving coupons to your spouse or special loved one.

Many things money can't buy!
Recap: To get started just think of things you would appreciate if you were the recipient. Next,
think of things your spouse would like to receive and make a coupon or coupons for those things!

What special things does your spouse love?
Back-scratching, nail polishing, hair brushing or shampooing, massages?
Do it to them!

What chores does your spouse dislike? 
Car washing, lawn mowing, trash putting-out?
Do it for them!

What do they really like to do that you don’t care for?
Long rides, tennis, TV sports, action movies?
Do it with them!

What special real-effort-to-make treat do they love? 
Make it for them!

What are some special things you could do together? 
Make plans to do them!

Ideas for spouses are probably limitless, memorable, and often of much mutual benefit and enjoyment, with priceless value.

Presenting the Coupons                                            
More often than not, offers of services can be jotted down in a simple note format. Sometimes, the notes can be attached to a small item that ties in with the service. 

You can make your coupons any size, with any wording you choose. Above is an idea from coupon books I have made.

If you have a sewing machine, you can un-thread it and "stitch" down the left side of the coupons           to make "perforated" coupons. (Run the sewing machine at least one-half inch from the left margin so you have plenty of area to staple the booklet together.)

You can complete the coupon book by making a front and back cover. Sandwich your pages between the covers, staple it together, give it away and watch for it to come back to you----coupon by coupon.

I will conclude this series with an idea for coupons that were given to us many years ago. They were a special treat!

FROM the Babysitter: We had our regular babysitters give us coupons on special occasions for an evening of no cost sitting. Or they went the extra mile and offered to feed the kids their dinner and bathe them, do the dishes and pick up the house, as an extra gift to us.                                      

One time we found a coupon tied to our steering wheel after we picked up the sitter which read “This one’s on me!”

These are simple gift ideas because I am Simply, Gail ---- and I have learned that "little" things mean a lot!

This series of three posts has been  excerpted from http://www.desertsaintsmagazine.com/magazine_articles/Dec2003/DSM%20Dec%202003.pdf

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