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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Fresh Peppers' HOT-O-METER Scale . . .

Chilis Clip Art
Just how HOT do you like your peppers?  This will help you.

Scale: 0 (mild)  to 10 (!!!) 

Anaheim - 2.5
Sweet, mild flavor. Can be added to stew, salsa, or soups. Great stuffed for Chile Relleno.
Choose glossy, unbroken skin with well-attached caps.

Banana - 0
Mild and sweet. Add raw to salads or in sandwiches. Try in soups, sauces or stews.
Choose bright colored, firm flesh.

Habanero - 10 !!!
The hottest chili on this list! Use in hot sauce or hot salsas.
Choose shiny skin, and bright, firm flesh.

Hungarian Wax - 1
Slightly sweet, but hotter when mature. Add to sauces, salads, relishes, and dips. You can pickle them.
Choose bright colored, smooth skin. 

Jalapeno - 5.5
Hot, vegetable flavor. Add to stew, salsa, sauces. Try pickled or stuffed.
Choose bright green, firm flesh.

Poblano - 3
Bell pepper-like flavor. Add to salsa or soups. Use for Chile Relleno. Darker color means more flavor.
Choose smooth, unwrinkled skin.

Red Fresno - 6.5
Hot with subtle sweetness. Add to salsa, ceviches, bread batter. Try stuffed. 
Choose brightly colored with firm flesh.

Serrano - 7 !
Hot, maturing to slightly sweet. Use in table sauces, relishes, with vegetables, or pickled.
Choose firm, heavy, smooth-skinned.

Thai - 8 !!
Hot! 3X as potent as the Serrano. Add to dips, sauces, casseroles, meat and poultry dishes. Choose firm flesh.

Yellow Hot "Caribe" - 5
Slightly sweet. Usually pickled, but can be used in sauces, casseroles, or salsas.
Choose bright color and smooth skin.

Note: This heat-scale was obtained from the produce section of our local market.

Warning: Be very, very careful when working with chili peppers. They can badly burn, causing blisters. Use gloves with working with hot ones and remove all seeds and ribs. Set the seeds aside if you want to add a few to the recipe at the last as needed, if you want to make it hotter.

Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and hot water after working with the chilies and be sure and keep your hands away from your eyes. 

Check back next Friday for a simple and yummy strawberry salsa and the cinnamon-sugar chips to scoop it with.

'til we eat again,
          Simply, Gail

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