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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Important Notice to ALL Spouses

  Is that proverbial grass really greener?

If you are the stay-at-home spouse and find yourself resenting your routine, pause a moment and really think about it. Is the breadwinner's role more rewarding?

Their job is usually routine and often mundane, their efforts not immediately recognized, and their conversations not usually enlightening or stimulating. You may deal with little people. They often deal with petty people. 

A bell may tell them when they can eat, get a drink of water, or even when they can go to the bathroom. The "stay-at-home-er" may not have a lot of self time, but there is a good chance the breadwinner has less.

And now to those who are employed outside of the home while the spouse works at home, especially if you have young children or several children: Please do not think that your job is done when you leave your place of business. Even when the hours are very long, employment requires an established amount of time. Homework is on-going and never-ending ---not even weekends, holidays, nor sick days off.

And finally, to the increasing number of families (both employed outside the home) that juggle kids, home responsibilities, and employment. . .your homes will be happier and there will be much less frustration and resentment if you divide the labor and share the loads. 

I read about a wise couple who first made a list of all the ongoing things that had to be done and then separated the list in three ways: 1&2) they each selected the chores they preferred to do, and 3) divided the remaining items.

If you have kids, be sure to assign them responsibilities. Match the chores to their abilities but you probably don't want to let them choose only the ones they prefer; they need to learn how to do them all!

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