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Friday, February 24, 2012

I'm Simply Gail and. . .I'm Repeating Myself

At the beginning of this week,  I posted a request for simple help for Simply, Gail. In case you missed it, I am repeating it and asking again. It you did read it but haven't responded, please do. Your input would really be helpful to me.

The stats tell me something but I am not sure what.  They show me that many of you, all over the world, are checking out, or is it checking into, thecreativecheapskate. And I thank you for that and . . asking for a little more.

I know you are busy --- so I want to keep this short and easy. Would you please jot a quick e-mail and let me know what you think. . .

Am I providing helpful/useful information?

Are five posts a week too many? Would three be better? 

Do you have a favorite among the categories I post?


Thanks in advance.  

1 comment:

Norm and Heather said...

I don't check the blogs we follow more than once a week so I am not a good reference point! But a post 3 times a week would be all I could keep up with!