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Friday, January 6, 2012

Supermarket Survival---a thrift store find!

I picked up this book at a thrift store for $1.00. I haven't had time to read it yet but it looks intriguing. It was published almost 30 years ago. Pictured here is the back of the book. The confidence of the publisher in promising a full refund increases the hope of it living up to its content (even with the refund offer  outdated!)

From the inside book flaps:
"Americans spend twice what they should on groceries according to Barbara Salsbury, consumer advocate. In Cut Your Grocery Bills in Half! she challenges some of our most time-honored ways to save money ---- like coupons and refunds. She offers new, practical and tested ways to cope with the ever soaring cost of food and commodities, inside the supermarket and at home.
. . .delves into what manufacturers, advertisers, brokers, grocers and computerized cash registers do to your food costs. You'll learn how to avoid impulse buying--responsible for two-thirds of our purchases--by learning how supermarkets are designed to "entice" you. Discover how to use your new knowledge of marketing techniques to "take advantage" of the supermarket, for a change.
. . .learn all the trade secrets of this smart shopper: from buying in bulk to deciding where to shop, from reading ads, to in-store psychology.
. . . Learn how to buy the product, not the package; how to choose a brand that costs less but has the same ingredients as the more expensive ones; how to plan meals around seasons, form a co-op, even make some of your own groceries."

The prices listed in the book are obviously outdated but the cost comparisons probably stay compatible.

I just finished checking the Internet and found 617,000 "cut your grocery bill in half" sites. When I added the author Barbara Salsbury, there were 442 results.  If this "taste" leaves you hungry to learn more --- I found there are 13 copies currently available on Amazon.com starting at $4.99.

I can't guarantee the book but I can guarantee prices are rising and feeding our families is becoming more and more difficult.

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