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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

My Quiet Book Project Follow-up

Thankfully my on-going quiet book project* is going to be successful if the prototype was any indication.  We gave it to our granddaughter Wren for her first birthday.  Using 9x12 felt squares for the pages made it almost as big as she was, but as you can see that didn't stop her. 

17 month old Wren and her "special book"

Her parents save the book  for special occasions like when it is necessary for her to sit quietly and be occupied for long periods of time.

On Thanksgiving Day we received a call from our grand-daughter and her husband ---- we are going to be great-grandparents!!! Our first!  Three other grandsons are of marriageable age and I, for some reason, am
not getting any younger, so I must get back on the ball and finish up the rest of the quiet books while I am still around and still able.

*all of my quiet book pages, and how to's, are included on this blog site.

This desert snake page is one of the most popular
But . . .

 I have gotten side-tracked.

Background: My sister, from the time they were little, gave each of our children an ornament for Christmas.
With six children that was a lot of ornaments over the years.  And they all loved it and looked forward to putting their own on the tree each year.  As they got married they took their ornaments with them where they appear each year on their trees. 

We have done the same for our grandchildren (usually buying the ornaments when they are on sale after Christmas for the next year.) 

You wouldn't expect anything else from Simply, Gail the cheapskate would you? !!!

For Wren's first two Christmases we gave her cute, but commercial, bird ornaments.

This year I found a true treasure in Susan and her blog  
Downeast Thunder Farm.  


Susan designs and creates life-like (and almost life-size) birds using felt and generously provides the patterns free of charge! You can even request a bird if you want one that is not already in her on-going collection.
Her only stipulation is they can be used to make a profit.  

When I published this post  yesterday the three below photos showed up in separate places where they belonged. When I looked at it today, where these photos had been, were blank spots with tiny jpeg symbols.  How can/did that happen? I've been trying to fix it for over an hour and this is the best I can manage.  The three are now joined as one!  And probably too small to really see.

Once again, sorry. And thanks for bearing with me.

On the right, Wren is 19 months old and sitting in her car seat with the quiet book
when she was in the car for over an hour on a long drive. Her parents sent this
photo saying "she spent one-half hour on just the mitten page."

The photo on the left is the winter wren ornament I made for Wren for this Christmas.

The middle photo is now-27-month-old Wren hanging her wren on the tree. 
I happened on Susan's site the very week our local fabric/craft store had felt squares on sale for 20 cents each!

No more after Christmas ornament sales for Simply, Gail!

Almost daily, I watch one-to-two hour block of  television and weekly, spend one and one-half hours in a support group for the loved-ones of addicts where we learn and teach how we can  live life without us being addicted to our addict.  (that's  another series of my posts)

Now this down time is being put to additional use!!  So far I have "under construction" cardinals, robins and a "fantasy bird" using the wren pattern in three shades of blue and turquoise.  I do the initial handwork during the TV hours and the around-the-edge blanket stitch during the support group.

Still need to add the beaks on two of them.
I am leaving openings at the bottom of each for the stuffing---
I'll add the stuffing to them later and then finish stitching them up.

Life is good!
Have a happy, peaceful, grateful day!

I am, Simply Gail

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