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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Raspberry Chipotle Sauce. . . Quick and Easy

Ever have some one drop in and you want to offer a quick snack?

The following is a great change from basic cheese and crackers ---- although it is, basically, cheese and crackers.

Costco warehouse store sells a great raspberry chipotle* sauce. The drawback is,  like most Costco products, it is packaged in sets of two large bottles --- about 32 ounces each!  While awfully good, 64 ounces is an awfully lot of something where a little goes a long way.

(*I thought chipotle (or chilpotle) was a type of chili pepper but learned it is an Indian word meaning smoked chili and is a smoke-dried jalapeno.)

 It is pungent yet I don't think it is as hot as a plain jalapeno. Plus it has a wonderful flavor and not just heat. Still, it doesn't take much to make its point.

Get Ready --- Go!  (there is no need for it to "get set"!)

Step 1

Simply drizzle the sauce over a block of softened cream cheese and serve with wheat-thin-type crackers.

Step 2

Enjoy the unusual treat and the compliments.


You can easily replicate the sauce by mixing the desired amount of a commercial raspberry (or any berry) jam and a very small amount of chipotle powder. I buy mine, an ounce at a time, in the bulk spice section.  Start with just a tiny amount of powder, tasting as you go, until it is the "heat" you like.

That's it!

For further savings, I make my own raspberry-peach jam, using fresh peaches and frozen raspberries.  This combination pairs perfectly with the chipotle powder. 

Check it out at 


Raspberries clipart + Peaches clipart+

 If you prefer to use canned peaches, along with the frozen raspberries, check this out


Often, you can duplicate a commercial product, by simply trying.  

'til we eat again,

I am Simply, Gail

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