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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Simply Easy and Instant Composting!!!

A compost pile takes dedication to do it right. Honestly, we are not that dedicated. Since we don't work our pile, it takes a couple of years for it to properly break down to where we can use it.



Now we simply place our kitchen fruit and veggie trimmings and scraps, and egg shells in a  blender -- 1/2 to 3/4 full --- add water and blend away. This garden smoothie is not  very appealing to humans, even though it usually smells good,  but the earth and the earth's worms love it!

How simple is that?  

We happened to have a second blender stored away in the back of a cupboard. For what reason and for how long we don't remember but the color gives a clue! 

We simply placed our avocado-colored blender  in a corner of our counter, near an outlet, and fill it as we go. It is quite colorful, and even sorta attractive in an artsy kind of way---until you blend it. I'll leave the blended description to your imagination. 

 The blender lid not only contains any odor there might be, it prevents those bothersome fruit gnats from flitting around. (I don't know where the gnats originate and how they so quickly find our  fresh fruit or veggie pieces but they do!) 

If you don't have an extra blender, just store your trimmings in a container in the frig until you are ready to whip up your garden smoothie.


  • Make a small shallow trench ---- a few inches away from your plants ---either around each or in a row alongside, pour it in and cover it with a little dirt or some leaves. Treat your garden one section at a time, moving along  with each blender's worth.  
  • If you have a compost pile or area, pour it in,  and cover it lightly with a little dirt or leaves. It will really help speed the process.

  • Do not add any meat, poultry, fish, dairy, or oils! Egg shells and coffee grounds are the only exception I can think of off hand.  I don't add cooked leftovers of any kind. 
This simple process, an almost immediate  banquet for the garden is one of those "duh," why didn't I think of this years ago things!  

We are always learning --- on our own, from one another and with each other. I hope my blog is continuing this learning process.

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