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Friday, September 7, 2012

What If. . . We are Dying to Smell Good?

Clipart Illustration Of A White Man Wrapped In A Towel Sniffing His Armpit Before Spraying Deodorant On His Underarms After Getting Out Of The Shower by Dennis CoxClipart Illustration Of A Black Lady In Her Undergarments Spraying Deodorant On Her Armpits After Getting Out Of The Shower by Dennis Cox

I have been having trouble with frequent, and sometimes intense, itching in my armpits. Occasionally, accompanied with a rash.

Figuring the culprit was my underarm protection I started trying different brands --- a frustrating and expensive venture, made even more so if you get into the "natural" brands.

A few weeks ago I ran across a website proclaiming the effectiveness of  the simple combination of cornstarch and baking soda. 

How much more natural can you get?
How much cheaper can you get?

The article suggested starting with a 50-50 mix and go from there. 
It was a little too harsh for me, but 2/3rd cornstarch combined with 1/3rd baking soda does the job!

Simply combine the two in a shallow covered container and use a small powder puff or cotton ball to apply.

Last week we took a trip and I was hesitant to take it along, somehow afraid it wouldn't do the job. How dumb! I came home with an itchy rash! 

Before posting this discovery I decided to check out the ingredients in commercial deodorant and/or anti-perspiration products.

In the process I added a new word to my vocabulary!


— to deliberately make something unclear or 
difficult to understand, by making use of unfamiliar terminology.

No wonder you're confused by the information on product labels! The facts are obfuscated by industry regulations requiring the ingredients to be listed in terms that only a chemist can understand.

Then to confuse you even further, companies intentionally put beautiful labels on their products with words like "natural," and "healthy" when their ingredients are anything but.

They may have a few token herbal or natural ingredients upon which they base their claim. But these ingredients, in many cases, only make up a very small percentage of the total ingredients.

Did you know that . . .

...there are no industry standards for what natural means. 

Did you know that . . .

... many of the ingredients added to cosmetics and personal care products are harmful. In fact, cosmetics and toiletries are the least regulated products on the market. As long as the manufacturers of these products don't use toxic substances that have been banned, they are free to use whatever ingredients they want and market their products without testing them and without approval from the FDA.

And, did you know that  . . .

The FDA does not ensure the safety of personal care products. 
The FDA has not defined what safe means. 
The FDA cannot require pre-market safety testing of personal care product ingredients.
The FDA cannot prevent the introduction of dangerous products onto the market.
The FDA cannot even require a recall of harmful products.
The FDA refuses to establish guidance for safety. 
What else is being hidden from you right now?

 "The FDA can make suggestions or recommendations to manufacturers about cosmetic products or their ingredients, but the manufacturers do not have to comply. The FDA must first prove in a court of law that a product is harmful, improperly labeled, or violates the law if it wants to remove a cosmetic product from the market." 

Information from "Dying to Look Good" by Christine H. Farlow, D.C.

And this is only about underarm deodorant. Think of the many other items we use to make ourselves socially and personally "acceptable" and attractive.

You know what really STINKS?

The GREED of manufacturers and the INEPTNESS of the FDA

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