a "been-there" mom of six offers encouragement
to wives, young mothers, and those not so young,
and simple common-sense approaches to
the "ings" of life:
child-rearing (hints and helps), homemaking (all areas),
cooking (simple, cheap, and do-it-yourself)
making (toys and gifts), preparing (for the unexpected),
maintaining (sanity and peace in this increasingly crazy world) and more---
all aspects of making the most of making do on little---
and having fun in the process.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

What Are Our Most Prized Possessions?

Do we even realize that what we value most, is too often NOT where we give our most time and attention? 

No Copyrights have been violated
This, as well as other posts that look like they have been copied from a book, have been!
Some of my posts do contain scanned pages from my self-published "Simply. . ." series.

This world moves so fast and there are so many things that take our time. Don't let yourself get caught up in the "thick of thin things." Please do everything you can to make sure your priorities are in their proper order. Lives depend on it!!!

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