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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Buyer be Wiser: Individual Packaging

Spending a little time will save you a LOT of money

Companies would have us believe they spend zillions of $$$ making things easier for us. In reality, they spend those zillions trying to convince us we don't have the time nor the know-how to do things for ourselves --- luring us into dependency on pre-packaged, portion-sized this and that. They even provide, at substantial $$$, calorie-control portions in individual packages --- telling us we no longer have to exercise our will-power since they will do it for us---at a substantial cost !

It is getting close to time to start thinking about school lunches. Plus, more and more of us are taking our own lunches to work, rather than eating out.  So let's tackle the question---
Is it really about convenience for the consumer or is it the greed of the producer?

I compared the price of food items that might be included in a "brown bag" lunch. The foods were identical in brand and quantity with the only difference being the type of packaging.

The menu: tuna salad with crackers, applesauce, plain jello, raisins, cookies, potato chips and 100 percent apple juice. The lunch comprised of commercially packaged individual servings cost three dollars and eighty-eighty cents. The same lunch, consisting of the same amounts from re-packaged per serving quantities at home cost
one dollar and sixty cents!!!

Buyer Be Wiser
Shop  Smart --- Be  Attentive --- Take Time to Compare 
 Consider Alternatives --- and Weigh the Benefits

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