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Monday, December 14, 2015

Give the Gift of Self . . . Not Stuff

It’s a gift-giving occasion! Often gift-giving time is stress time. Especially if the recipient "already has everything!" Doesn't want anything! Or you are short on time and/or money!

Give a gift that keeps on giving—in the form of personalized coupons.

An offer for a future service is usually, and universally, most welcome.

An offer for a future service is usually most welcome. 

To get started just think of things you would appreciate in a given situation, consider what you are willing to do, like to do or do well, and combine the two.

IDEAS to get you started:
Since we are usually deluged with goodies during the holiday season, consider giving your friends a  coupon for that goody--- redeemable about mid-January, when their larders are depleted and your time is freer.

Bride to Be: Copies of your favorite simple, seasonal treats, redeemable at the appropriate month throughout the year.

New Mother: What new mother wouldn’t appreciate an hour or two of babysitting (either with the new baby or if she has other children, taking them for a designated period of time), a casserole or special dessert at a time down the road when the attention has worn off and she is back in the grind, or maybe even a vacuuming of her home.

Young Family: An offer to take the children to the park or the library or wherever suits your fancy for an afternoon. The kids would love it, the parents would adore you.

Elderly or Home Bound: Coupon for lawn mowing, errand running, housecleaning, a special treat, or just simple periodic visiting.

Care Giver: If the situation is such that the care giver can leave you in charge for a period of time, they would truly appreciate an hour or two for themselves. If they cannot leave, you can offer to come over and read to, write letters for, brush the hair of, simply visit with the confined individual, or do whatever is needed—giving the care-giver an at-home break.

Child’s Teacher: Teachers need help with projects, bulletin boards, tutoring, or other classroom assistance, much more than they need “stuff.” Just pick the activity/help you feel comfortable with and the time you are available. Or, if  you are game for anything, give a coupon letting the teacher choose what she could use help with.

New Neighbors: If they are not familiar with the area you can give a coupon offering to show them around the town and a tour of the area; provide them with a list of local businesses and services that you have found economical and satisfactory; help for a project around their new home; a meal on a hectic day; or an invitation to come over and visit with you and some of the neighbors.


This is a post from October 2011 that I am "re-gifting" !

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