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Monday, September 28, 2015

Find Answers and Peace in These Chaotic Times

Our vacation was even better than we had hoped.

The cabin on the lake was great. The quaking aspen trees, amid all the pines, turned from green to gold and orange right before our eyes over the ten days we were there. The stars were amazing We were even fortunate enough to have short display of lightening, thunder and rain. It seemed we were there through seasons rather than over days.

Image result for hebgen lake scenery

We saw buffalo, elk, moose, deer, a coyote in the lane crossing our drive way  and even bear scat only 50 yards from our cabin!

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Usually you’d think: what more could anyone want?

We also had: Total peace! Total quiet! Very few people! For the most part, just Dave and I, and Milo the dog, among the awesome beauty and wonder and variety of our Heavenly Father’s creations.

Image result for hebgen lake beauty

For ten days we didn’t turn on the radio or television or read a newspaper!  We played soft music on our I-pad. 

The only “touristy” thing we did was visit an outdoor non-profit facility that housed rescued grizzly bears, wolves, and birds of prey.

It was heaven.

Then, unfortunately, we came back to civilization and the chaotic world.

What a mess we have made of the beautiful world we were given!  What has happened to love one another and do unto others?

We believe that Gospel truths were taken from the earth for a period of time as the peoples of the world became more and more wicked. Truth and glory could no longer abide with them.

We believe the Gospel has been restored in these latter days. 

Recently I posted The 13 Articles of Faith of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. If you haven't already, please read that post.  

We have a living Prophet today with living Apostles, all patterned after Christ’s first Church.

In the LDS Church there is constancy. 
And constancy brings peace.  

Our Church does not alter the commandments, nor change nor falter between the myriad ways of the world.

The LDS Church has the fullness of the Gospel, directed by God and His Son Jesus Christ, led by a living Prophet and 12 Apostles today, just as it was in Biblical times.

The general population seems to think that such a restoration is nether possible nor necessary.  Why?

We need it more now than ever. Why would a loving Father in Heaven cut Himself off from us?

Why would Jesus Christ suffer so horribly for all the sins of the world, all of our sins, only to then go away and leave us comfortless?

This week-end is the 185th semi-annual conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

It consists of five televised sessions, spaced over Saturday and Sunday, October 3 and 4. . Each session is offered in all media formats and will be broadcast in many languages all over the world.  Because of this availability to everyone I will not attempt to give you specific directions. I promise it will be an easy search.

I invite you to watch and learn the truths that are taught, the encouragement that is given, the direction on how to live, the importance of husbands and wives and of families. And, how God’s plan is for families to be together forever, throughout the eternities.

There is no hellfire and brimstone, no pounding the pulpit. There are no mysteries.

There will be no " pomp and circumstance." What there will be, is men in business suits (and some women) talking reverently and simply about the truths of the Gospel and the way God and His Son want us              to live our lives.

There will be peace and love and comfort and guidance.

What I found, 53 years ago when I first watched, was I had questions answered that I hadn’t even realized I had.

If you will take the time to sincerely watch and listen, I know you will have the spirit of understanding, peace, love, comfort and guidance with you. You will feel warmth surround you. This will be the Holy Spirit ---- the Comforter.

I attended many churches, many good churches full of many good and sincere people and then I was fortunate enough to find the one that had all the good all the others had to offer plus the fullness of the  Gospel ---all that our Father in Heaven and His Son Jesus Christ continue to offer.

Image result for lds conference center
This promise is from one of our living Apostles

Please, in the privacy of your own home, spend a little time with these chosen men of God this weekend.

You can also go to lds.org any time and find rebroadcasts of all these sessions and many more uplifting and informative videos and information. 

What do you have to lose?

I am Simply, Gail, and the answers to life's hardest questions are actually very simple.

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