a "been-there" mom of six offers encouragement
to wives, young mothers, and those not so young,
and simple common-sense approaches to
the "ings" of life:
child-rearing (hints and helps), homemaking (all areas),
cooking (simple, cheap, and do-it-yourself)
making (toys and gifts), preparing (for the unexpected),
maintaining (sanity and peace in this increasingly crazy world) and more---
all aspects of making the most of making do on little---
and having fun in the process.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Simply Gail, the Creative Cheapskate, Signs Off

I don't know if any of you have ever noticed the simple background of my blog --- and/or have given it any thought.

I love dandelions. They brighten a lawn --- if you choose to look at them in that way. 

Maybe it's because I love the memories of our children, throughout their young years, picking one and happily bringing it to me.

Maybe it's because of how special it is when you are able to pick a mature one,  intact, to  gently blow its contents on its way to continue anew somewhere else.

Maybe it's simply because they are simple, like me.  

It seems fitting to end the blog the way it began. A tiny seed 
that somehow developed and is somehow spreading itself, 
all by itself without help from me, all across the globe.

While this is my last post on what was my first blog and will most likely be my only blog ---- if I understand how the internet works (which I definitely don't) my postings will be out there somewhere, for someone to happen upon, for a very long time.

It has been a special experience, allowing me into your homes time after time to share the simple things I have learned over time. I hope it has been worth your time.

Thank you.

Simply, Gail

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