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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Help for Loved Ones of Addicts and Alcoholics -- the Beginning

inspired (and I choose that word on purpose) to give a talk in church on addiction as it relates to choice and consequence, or as we call it, agency and accountability. Following that meeting a number of people came up to us and shared, with sad relief that they too had a loved one with similar problems. They felt that they were alone in their dilemma. As we became involved with more families of addicts we have found a distressing number of families like ours.

  As Gail stated in last Friday's blog, that talk turned into a small booklet "The Best Help is No Help."
  On Wednesdays we will be sharing its contents along with the additional insights we continue to learn.Hopefully you will find things of value.

The entire booklet consists of 42 pages and includes:

 1. A Weighty Matter
 2. What Do You Know About Agency?
 3. Agency in the Garden of Eden
 4. Freedom Isn't Free
 5. So What?
 6. What Have We Learned So Far?
 7. Hard Questions
 8. And Hard Answers
 9. No Respecter of Persons
10. Boundaries = Rules = Commandments
11. While Not Curable - Definitely Controllable (but not by us)
12. We're in This Together
13. The Learning Curve
14. The Dilemma
15. How is That?
16. Just This One More Time!
17. Facts From Fiction
18. In a Nut Shell
19. Onward

If you are one of the many in this situation, please "tune in" to
the Wednesday Edition.

And while we are simply Gail and Dave we also know life isn't always simple. 

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