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Friday, August 16, 2013

More Simple Ways to Travel "Unplugged"

. . . when there are miles to go and places to hopefully SEE as you pass through them.

When in-car videos became the thing, I threatened to send
our grandkids videos of the areas they were going to be
traveling through/to so they could see what
they were missing outside the car while
their eyes were glued to the screen
inside the car.
Picking up where I last left off:
The  mileage game and more . . .


Page 23 covers one-fourth of a page, leaving a lot of white space, so I'll just add it here:

are called Pelicans so much the better. The pocket on these clothes protectors stay in an open position making a great sandwich and French fry holder, as well as catching the crumbs and drips.

To break the boredom of fast food, we have allocated each family member a certain amount of money and then stopped at a large grocery store where there is a giant selection of items including dairy, deli, and bakery. Each person gets to pick what they want to eat. This can really be fun occasionally, especially if you allow them to choose exactly what they want---regardless of it's practicality or nutritional value.


Whenever you travel, wherever you travel, try not to let your destination be your only focus. 

There is so much of interest and beauty to see when you take the time to enjoy the entire journey. Pointing out things of interest, beautiful examples of nature, and gorgeous sunsets will help your children appreciate their country and all of our Heavenly Father's creations. We never tire of such things. Hopefully we never will. 

One night when our children were young we were taking one of their friends home and I pointed out the gorgeous moon.  The little friend's comment, "I've seen it before."  How sad is that!

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