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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Third Page of My Quiet Book is Something You Can Count On

Since my last two posts have, in a loose (very loose) sense, been counting the ways you can save money and how quickly it adds up---it seems like a good time to introduce Quiet Book page three.

You can count on almost every quiet book having a counting page of one type or another. Some match number  with  items that match that number. For example, there might be a page with numbered ladybug outlines along with separate ladybugs with corresponding numbers of spots on each to match with the correct number.

This page simply has beads to feel and count --- and slide --- and --- whatever the imagination dictates.

1.  This page  has a lot "feels"  for the baby who is only at the feeler stage, with opportunities for more to do as they grow older.

2. The beads are Pony Beads from the dollar store. There are hundreds in each  $1.00 bag!

3..  I thought the rick rack would be a change from the usual round cord because it allows the beds to stay wherever they are moved until the "player" wants to move them somewhere else.  The rick rack looks twisted in a few cases but it isn't. It just looks that way because I have played with it and haven't straightened the rows out.

4. The side sections of felt securely "capture" the ends of the rick rack . . .

5. as well as providing  the area for the numbers.

6. The numbers are glittery craft foam self stick numbers also from the same dollar store. They didn't have plain ones.  I bought three bags. Even after making the 12 books, there will be a lot of numbers left over.

7. I was concerned about the glitter so I rubbed off as much as I could.  I think the rest will be safe.

8. As I've mentioned before, I don't trust the sticky back, a feature which is really handy,  to do more than hold them in place while I sew them on. I used thread to match each number and stitched over the sections of each one. It was a lot more simple that I first thought it would be and since I was going over the numbers and not through them the needle didn't get gunky.

9. This page is pretty simple and quite quick.  At least in comparison to the farm and Noah's Ark which you haven't seen yet!

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