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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Part 6 - Gain Peace of Mind by Being Prepared If Women's Personal Products are Unavailable. . .

Uh-oh here comes Gail with another one of her unmentionable

 A few days ago I  directed a long-time and long-time-no-see friend  to my blog for the recipes for microwave bread and butter pickles and Greek Yogurt.  Because of the date of our exchange (and thankfully just in time) I remembered to warn her that the first post she would encounter would be the one on "disposing of human waste."  I assured her it  was not my usual blogging topic.

The fact of the matter is  --- 

no matter who we are, at what point or station or circumstance in our lives  we all gotta go and for some --- flow.  And it is helpful if the under-discussed could be openly-discussed. 

Sanitary Hygiene Products were a  most welcome invention back in the day. What may surprise  many of you is 1) back in the day actually wasn't too many "days" ago and 2) necessary sanitary products aren't necessarily sanitary!

When I was just getting started, these products came in plain brown wrappers.  

If you want to learn more and, more importantly, want to learn of some alternatives just-in-case --- simply click on each of the following. 

This first one gives you some interesting history on where the commercial products all began and some back-then-frank-talk you will probably find amusing.


This next post is the getting-back-to-the basic whys, wherefores and, most important, how-to's ------ just in case you want them or may need them. 


I haven't even tried to give time-line assignments for this post but I hope you will give yourself some time to get past the yuck factor and consider the possibilities of  knowing how to go back to the basics ---- just in case. If you do choose to be prepared in this area I hope you will not put off preparing.

I am Simply Gail, trying to be down to earth  in broaching these basic plain-brown-wrapper subjects. Sorry Heidi, I don't feel it is TMI.

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