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Friday, June 7, 2013

Part 3 - Gain Peace of Mind By Being Prepared with "Hard Copy" Contact Information . . .

Just in case some of you may not be old enough to even know what I mean by hard copy when I refer to your contact sources. . .
                My grandmother survived the San Francisco, California earthquake of 1906. I have a letter written to her from a boyfriend across town, expressing his concern for her. It took two weeks for the letter to reach her.

They didn't have many ways to contact one another back in those simpler times. What information they needed they usually had written in a little note book which they carried with them. I also have one of those in my possession. It belonged to my grandmother's father.

Today writing things down seems unnecessary and even crazy. 
              Why would we bother when all we have to do is pull out the little gadget most of us have as our constant companion, scroll and click! Instant contact from anyplace to anywhere.  Wow!

But what if . . . the power grids (or whatever the things that keep our electronic world afloat are called) suddenly went down?

It really could happen, as impossible as that seems. Actually, there are probably any number of reasons that could happen. Or will happen.

We used to memorize the phone numbers of family and friends we talked to often. For the most part now, we know them by the order in which we punch them in. Our "electronic" brains know them. How many are safely tucked away in our physical brains?

This is a very scary what if ---- even for me who still likes "hard copy" in most cases.

How much more scary should it be for those who are electronically dependent---or addicted!

Remember, insurance brings peace of mind.

For our “insurance” I made wallet-size lists of all of our 

family members with all of their contact numbers and

 addresses---home, work, college, etc. We even listed our 

doctor and our medicines, including strengths and dosages.

If you have been following these just in case posts you know that, in each one, I suggest you do something TODAY and then to CONTINUE. This time, I will leave it to you to figure out the steps you should take to gain this contact-information-security for you and your family and, hopefully, follow-through.

Things we have done:

  • Sent copies to our children and (hopefully) they made copies for their children.

  • Made additional sets, laminated them, and attached them to our emergency get-up-and-go-bags so they would not be misplaced.  (Watch for that  Just in case post, coming soon.)

If you want to visit my older post on this subject and see far, far older pictures (of the earthquake damage taken by my grandma with her Brownie box camera) just click the link below and you will instantly be there.


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