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Friday, May 3, 2013

Unusual (and Simple) Emergency Helps

Sometimes you have to make do with what you have.
Other times you want to make do with things you already have.

In past posts I have shown you makeshift or make-do items ---- saving lots of money using things you often already have on hand. 

With that in mind. . .

what do these three things have in common?

stock photo of tourniquet  - blood donation hands with rubber tourniquet used in blood draw procedures - JPG

When I really needed a shoehorn I was surprised to find that our local stores no longer carried them.  (Back "in the day" a shoehorn was an automatic no-cost addition when you purchased a pair of shoes).

Rubber spatulas have been around for years.  Fairly new on the scene is a spoonula --- a rubber spatula with a slight spoon shape. It was a very satisfactory substitute. (I think it works better as a shoe horn than it does in the kitchen!)

Have an "owie" and need an ice pack? Grab a bag of frozen peas to meet the need. (Any vegetable will work in an emergency but peas conform to the area much easier than frozen clumps of broccoli or other large vegetable pieces.)  I have a package of peas in our freezer that has a big marking pen X on it to identify it is the designated ice pack---we use it over and over.

Need to get a grip? Most jars and bottles open in a jiffy if you wrap a piece of rubber-like stuff around the edge of the lid.  Collect the disposable tourniquets they use when you are having a blood draw. They are perfect.

There you have it . . .

three "come to the rescue" aids you may already have on hand or could easily acquire --- all quick, simple and cheap.

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