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Friday, May 24, 2013

The Old-Age Dilemma AND The Perfect Anti-Aging Cream

When we hit the later years of our life we are faced with an old-age dilemma, which is 

How do we (and others) refer to us?

The options are bleak and none of them are the least bit appealing. We'll start off with over-the-hill, retiree and senior citizen. You can take it from there.

Below are two of the best ways to help us feel (or look) younger--- even when we don't and we aren't.

Attempt #1  Remember the wonderful carefree days of youth, back when there was nothing better than an ice cream cone, crammed full with the creamy stuff, eaten on the hottest day of the summer, leaking from the sides of your mouth, dripping all over your hand, down your arm and onto your clothes?

On-lookers thought we were so cute!

Well . . .

Can there be any anti-aging cream that
works as well to recapture youth
as an ice cream cone?

Attempt #2

Instead of exercising, eating well, dressing in younger styles,  layering all types of make-up, and coloring your hair to cover the tell-tale signs of aging, simply do the following. 

It is amazing, free, foolproof and instant --- convincing others you look great without you doing all the not-so-great things to maintain that image. Actually, without you doing ANYTHING other than this one thing.

I guarantee it!

Tell people you are 10 years older than you actually are!

(I may not look like much at 70 but I am quite presentable for 80!)


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