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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

What If . . . You Find Yourself in Danger?

caution ribbonscaution ribbons
Each of us has a special internal "warning system."

Holy Ghost - Holy Spirit - Guardian Angel - Comforter - 
Still Small Voice - Intuition -Prompting - Sixth Sense -
Gut Feeling . . . 

No matter what term you choose to use for these feelings, it is always very important to listen to them and act upon them! 

Since we have been taught to be polite to others we worry about displaying actions that may appear rude--even when our internal feelings are on high alert.

DO NOT IGNORE THESE FEELINGS even if you feel they are inconsequential or would cause possible embarrassment. 

IT IS ALWAYS BETTER TO BE SAFE THAN SORRY. (And better paranoid than dead.)


While the odds of  something happening are remote, it is very important to consider, in advance, things you could do to help yourself if faced with an emergency situation. 

 My next few posts will contain safety tips (reminders and new considerations) that might come in handy during seemingly simple and safe everyday activities, along with my sincere hope you will never have need for them. 

These tips are not presented to cause you to be overly afraid but to make you aware of possibilities and the precautions you can take and  actions you can implement if the need ever arises. 

If these possibilities, precautions and actions are thought out beforehand chances are great that they will be automatically recalled in a time of need, allowing you to act “instinctively.”

I grew up in small quiet towns back when life was mainly gentler and kinder. Even in those times and environments I learned:

IT IS IMPORTANT TO ALWAYS BE AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS, whether alone or with someone, whether walking for exercise or pleasure, or going to and from your responsibilities or activities — even in familiar and common areas; even in daylight.

As the world continues to increase in darkness, it becomes increasingly important to be cautious. Desperate and drug-crazed individuals do not wait for what we would consider logical (i.e. isolated) locations or times to make their moves.

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