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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Kiddie Cafe --- THE Place for Children or Grandchildren who are Visiting

When it was homemade pizza night at our home I would make four       cookie-sheet-size-pizzas and visually divide each in half.  I kept a list on the side of the refrigerator showing what toppings each member of the family liked and topped each half pizza accordingly.  It saved a lot of hassles and everyone was happy!

I recalled that idea years later (and years ago) when our married families and their children were coming to visit. It evolved into
          Papa and Grandma’s KIDDIE CAFE'

With the holidays approaching, and their accompanying family gatherings, I wanted to share this idea for serving young children.

The menu choices were not what was special — it was simply the way the choices were presented. The menu allowed the children to choose what they wanted to eat from items that were, for the most part, actually cupboard staples.

The menu shown was one for a simple, no-special-occasion lunch, but it could be modified for any event.
This is the menu that was mailed to each family before the visit.

This page, one for each child, was mailed along with the menu. Each child made their selections and their mom mailed them 
back to me. 
And this is the "order" form where I listed their choices!

This is a 4th of July "menu" when part of our family was going to be visiting for the holiday weekend.

The Pluses?

1. Kids love to get mail and this made them feel special.
2. They were excited to be able to choose what they were going to eat.
3. It simplified the actual meal time preparation (in part because we had the “proof” of what each child requested).

The Minuses?

None!  Even the time it took to create them was lots of fun — not to mention the anticipation of their reaction when they got their own mail.

I am simply, Gail, and this is another example of how simple, and how cheap,  it is to create memories that last.

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