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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Combating the War Against the Family . . . Part 1

Parenting is, without question, the most important responsibility/activity in the world. 

Parenting should be our most expensive commitment—in time, effort, and expended energy. The money part comes in last. 


        The greatest work we will ever do will be 
          within the walls of our own home.
                                                                     David O. McKay

Most aspects of our culture and society in general are increasingly trying to downplay and to diminish the importance of parenting. Happy and harmonious homes are a blessing to parents and to children. A good family is the foundation of all of life and Satan is raging --- trying by all possible means to destroy it.

The Bible  warns us that the time would come that good would be made to seem evil and evil would be made to seem good. Isaiah 5:20.  

That time is here!!! 

A very loud minority are in our faces everywhere we turn, trying to convince us — the majority of honest, moral, law-abiding citizens—that we are the ones that have it all wrong. 

Our children are faced every day with horrible things that most of us never experienced, not even once, in our growing-up years. 

We must open our eyes to what is going on around us!

From years ago. . . a warning of society’s decline:

1. First we abhor
2. Next we endure
3. Finally we embrace

Where are we now?

1. First think of the things that were unthinkable not many years ago.

2. Next consider the things that, while we still may not approve, we have come to               accept after seeing them and hearing them at every turn and on every front as 
“that’s just the way it is these days.”

3. Finally, realize the things that have gradually worked themselves in to be a part of our lives – the television programs and movies we watch, the books we read, the language we use, the clothing we accept as acceptable.

Most of the clergy from most of the religions are trying desperately to help us see what is happening to the family — to help us recognize the moral enemies that bombard us — especially our impressionable children. 

I have just been assigned to teach a Sunday School class on Strengthening the Family and parenting skills. It is a huge responsibility. The lesson manual is terrific, the points “right on” and the suggestions doable.  The subjects include:

Understand child development and have realistic expectations of your children
Learn to communicate more effectively with your spouse and children
Know how to nurture children through emotional and troubling times
Know how to instill confidence in children
Resolve anger issues that may impede effective parenting
Resolve parent-child conflict
Understand how to teach children responsible behavior
Use consequences in disciplining children
Provide a better home environment in which the Spirit of the Lord can dwell

While I share this important information with a few each week in class,  I will be including parts from  the manual in my blog to share with you.  

Good parenting is not a matter of chance or circumstances.  Good parenting has nothing to do with where you live, how much education you have, what your occupation and/or social status is, how big your house is, how much money you make or how much “stuff” you have, Happy, harmonious homes are a blessing to parents and to children. 

Good parenting IS a matter of choice— the choice to expend your time and energy in what matters most.  And, if your family is not currently what matters most, you need to reorder your priorities. 

To paraphrase a credit card commercial:   Children are Priceless and. . . for the rest there is MasterCard. Children cannot be bought!

How do children spell love?   T-I-M-E

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