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Friday, October 26, 2012

A Christmas Calendar That Keeps You on Track

We made our first Christmas calendar for basically selfish reasons. Our first two children were very young, but old enough to know that the big event was coming up, and we were getting tired of them asking "how many days until..."  And they weren't old enough to read.

As with so many things, over time it evolved into much more. It kept us on track during this hectic time of year, and it committed us to doing what we had said we would do----at times when it is so easy to let things just slip by, either intentionally or unintentionally.

Our December activities actually began the last couple days of November. 

With a black marking pen, one of the parents would make a December calendar on a full sheet of poster board. 

We would all gather around our big table.

A stack of November and December "women's" magazines (mainly old issues we reused for several years, along with one or two new ones), pairs of scissors, clear tape and glue were piled in the center.

The first order of business would be to compile a master list of all the thing we wanted or needed to do in December. It was a long list---getting the tree, decorating the tree, putting up outside lights, baking cookies, etc. 

Only Child Outings!

There was one evening allotted for each child to go gift shopping with us, ending with a stop at an eating place of their choice for a treat of their choice. (What began with two kids quite quickly grew to six, so Dave and I got lots of treats!)

Alongside the activities that had specific dates ---- arrival time of family members or relatives, church and school programs, Christmas eve, Christmas day ---- we noted the dates. These are the events that would be penciled in on the calendar first.  Each person chose an event and began to search the magazines for a picture that would represent it, cut it out, and fasten it on the appropriate day.

Next we decided on dates for each of the remaining activities and began searching, cutting and pasting.

The completed calendar was hung at kid level, usually in the hall. A quick glance told each of us what lay ahead. Every evening, just before bedtime, we would gather at the calendar. Taking turns, a big X marked off the day just closing and in unison we would count off the days remaining until Christmas. 

Nothing ever remains simple!!

As seemingly simple as this activity appears, the kids still managed to try my patience as they got older. They still insisted on cutting out representative pictures. They had to get creative. You can only imagine how many elaborate ways high school kids can find to cross through a simple square, or the speed and variety of ways they can count! They loved it (and really loved watching me try to control my exasperation)!

Traditions Happen!!!

Our Christmas calendar became a must-do tradition that carried on until the last ones left home (although some of the event representations became quite humorous and abstract).

And it carries on in their homes. . .

The Proof

Immediately after this post appeared last year (my first year of posting) the following comment appeared. It made my day.
reading this brought back so many memories , Mom! so many wonderful times!!!! (i had forgotten about how we used to check off the days with weird lines. ha!) no wonder Christmas is still my favorite holiday... Jeremy

And. . . 

actually, our calender didn't end at December 31st. We had (and still have) three very important New Year's Day traditions. But that's for next  time.

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