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Friday, August 17, 2012

Can Doctors Still Call Their Own Shots?

Simply Gail is not a political blog but today it is my blog as a concerned citizen, a wife, a parent, a grandparent and a friend.  I am simply a law-abiding individual ---- concerned for EVERYONE EXCEPT the GOVERNMENT who have exempted themselves.

Dave and I went to the doctor this week for our yearly "60,000 mile check-up."  We had no symptoms or problems; this was just the event we have scheduled annually for many years to ward off potential symptoms or problems.

 The results were good! The eating changes we started 10 weeks ago are starting to show up, both in our lab work and weight loss.

The disconcerting part of the visit was still more new and invasive paperwork and routines required by the government---at check-in, during the actual visit, and at the lab for the blood draws. Additionally new that is, from the new requirements introduced last year.

  • Privacy laws are good to a point ---- and they are past that point --- to the point of ridiculousness!
  • For some unfathomable reason, you now  have to identify your specific race/color. We are Americans for crying out loud (unless we are illegals, but I am sure they are not allowed to ask that).Amazingly they let me answer the questions for Dave, whose appointment followed mine. Since he has been out in the sun a lot I told them he was tan.
  • The front desk gives end-of-life packets to fill out if you haven't already done so. Our doctor is not a geriatric doctor but since we are geriatric patients that makes sense. Hopefully they make them available to every-age patient since dying is a fact of life. 
  •  They also encourage you to sign a form regarding arbitration as an option to suing if you encounter any problems with the doctor. Fortunately this isn't currently mandatory but they are required to ask every six months!
  • In the exam room, we learn from our very competent doctor of 12 years, that the government has changed the rules! Since we aren't ill our visit is a wellness-visit. A government-defined wellness-visit is limited to conversation! That's right --- 
          He can ask how you are feeling and if you have any concerns.  He can counsel you on life-style                     changes that should be made (based on the past year's visit) and  inquire about your end-of-life plans.

But, whoa!!!! Here is the loony part. . .

If you have had a  previous problem and the doctor wants to have the lab check your current status on the previous problem it can no longer be a wellness-visit!

And, if you ask the doctor to check out  a spot on your back you can't see but can feel, the code must be changed again.  Basically you can show and tell but he can't look or touch until he changes the code once more.

And, unfortunately this is just the tip of the needle that our government is trying to inject into us, our families and everyone in the United States of America --- the land of the free!

Trying to inject EVERYONE EXCEPT the GOVERNMENT who have exempted themselves.

In my many years I have come to a conclusion that one useless man is a shame,
two is a law firm and
three or more is a congress.

John Adams, 6th president of the United States
30 Oct 1735 - 4 Jul 1826 
Coincidentally on the day of our check-up, the US edition of the The Wall Street Journal ran an article by John C. Goodman, president of the National Center for Policy Analysis and the author of "Priceless: Curing the Healthcare Crisis" (Independent Institute, 2012).

I ask that no matter what your party affiliation or current personal views on the controversial  subject of ObamaCare you will read the excerpts below. Tomorrow, I will post the entire article, for those who want to know more, because I don't' know how long the article will be available on-line.

Please read this eye-opener with open minds and share it if you will.  

Why the Doctor Can't See You

The demand for health care under ObamaCare will increase dramatically. The supply of physicians won't. 

Are you having trouble finding a doctor who will see you? If not, give it another year and a half. A doctor shortage is on its way.

Most provisions of the Obama health law kick in on Jan. 1, 2014. Within the decade after that, an additional 30 million people are expected to acquire health plans—and if the economic studies are correct, they will try to double their use of the health-care system.

Meanwhile, the administration never seems to tire of reminding seniors that they are entitled to a free annual checkup. Its new campaign is focused on women. Thanks to health reform, they are being told, they will have access to free breast and pelvic exams and even free contraceptives. Once ObamaCare fully takes effect, all of us will be entitled to a long list of preventive services—with no deductible or co-payment.

Here is the problem: The health-care system can't possibly deliver on the huge increase in demand for primary-care services. The original ObamaCare bill actually had a line item for increased doctor training. But this provision was zeroed out before passage, probably to keep down the cost of health reform. 

Take preventive care. ObamaCare says that health insurance must cover the tests and procedures recommended by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force. What would that involve? In the American Journal of Public Health (2003), scholars at Duke University calculated that arranging for and counseling patients about all those screenings would require 1,773 hours of the average primary-care physician's time each year, or 7.4 hours per working day.

And all of this time is time spent searching for problems and talking about the search. If the screenings turn up a real problem, there will have to be more testing and more counseling. Bottom line: To meet the promise of free preventive care nationwide, every family doctor in America would have to work full-time delivering it, leaving no time for all the other things they need to do.
                                                                                 rest of article to be continued tomorrow....

Can you see the red flags here?  

Unfortunately the information above is not information you will hear from the White House or find in the mainstream media. Neither President Obama nor the mainstream media he somehow controls, has the transparency he fervently promised in 2008. 

Our way of life is in danger. The  Republic for which we stand is in danger. The United States of America, as we know it, is in grave danger. 

I am Simply, Gail and I ask you to please 
seriously consider this information and share it if you will. 

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