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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What If . . . your first aid cupboard is bare

Someday the situation may need more
than a kiss to make it better!
 Being ready "just in case" brings
peace of mind.
when there
is an emergency? 
Maybe this blog will spur you on in this important area of preparedness. Don't let the length of the list scare you off.
The items  can be acquired over time
and divided among a group.

Several years ago our women's church group began making plans to assemble simple but  comprehensive first aid kits                                       
to have at the ready for emergencies---not the type you would use (or break into) for minor day-to-day scrapes and scratches.                                               

We decided on an assembly date three months in the future, had
sign-up sheets for those interested in participating, and asked everyone to begin setting aside a few dollars whenever they could, so money would not be a burden at assembly time.

A local pharmacist helped us by compiling a list of basic needs, and also offered a discount on the supplies he could. We decided the entire kit needed to fit in a 5-gallon plastic bucket---waterproof and portable.

There is nothing exotic nor extravagant ----  basics you would find in medicine cabinets of long ago. 

We included instructions for use as necessary, as will as expiration dates when applicable.

Note: The "vials" listed are small pill containers/bottles from the pharmacy. 

First Aid booklet
1 pencil
2 plastic spoons
1 tweezers
1 scissors
1 eye dropper
3 medicine measures
3 paper cups
3 paper bags
8 tongue depressors
1 roll toilet paper
1 flashlight with batteries 
1 box strike anywhere matches
1 spool white thread
2 needles
4 safety pins
1 single edge razor blade
1 bar hand soap/bottle hand sanitizer
1 vial household bleach
2 surgical gloves
1 rectal thermometer
1 vial baking soda
1 vial table salt
1 bottle Paregoric
1 bottle rubbing alcohol
1 bottle hydrogen peroxide
1 bottle betadine
1 bottle aspirin
1 jar vaseline
1 bottle caladryl
1 vial oil of cloves
1 bottle Milk of Magnesia
1 tube Neosporin
1 Jar Mentholatum
1 pkg. Boric Acid Powder
1 bottle coke syrup
1 botttle Spirits of Ammonia
1 box Epsom Salts
1 bottle Ipecac
1 box assorted band-aids
4 Kerlix sponges
1 roll @" gauze bandage
1 roll 1" adhesive tape
1 4" elastic bandage
2 plastic trash bags

"When the hour of need arrives, the hour of preparation is past!"

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