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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What If . . . ? Simple ways to outfox a would-be intruder

Any deterrent, even if it is only going to slow the perpetrator down just a couple of seconds, is often all it takes for him to pass up your home in favor of an easier mark! 

They can't take a chance on the possibility that the dog may be just around the corner of the house---or in the house. . .or to speculate on whether you actually have a security system or not.

Post a "Beware of Dog" sign.

Posting a sign might be enough to give them pause (pardon the pun). If not a beware of. . . sign, then buy "This house protected by a security alarm" stickers and place on doors and windows.


Buy a huge dog dish, paint a mean sounding name on it (like Killer or Bruiser or Terminator), beat the dish up to make it look used, and throw it in the back yard.  Or, put it next to a length of heavy chain fastened to a sturdy tree or pole near your front door.

If  the above ideas aren't your thing, what about planting "stickery" bushes under your windows?
We have beautiful and thorny rose bushes along the front and a big- but-painful yucca along the side.
(All were planted before we even realized the additional "benefits!")

Deadbolt locks are a great deterrent. Especially if you actually lock them!  And, if you actually do have a dog and you have a doggy door in your door be sure to have your lock(s) high enough above the doggy door that a long-armed person cannot just reach in and up and turn the locks. I speak type from experience (fortunately it was a friendly relative but...)

and, when you are away from home----even in daylight!

! park your car as close to the entrance as possible, in a well-lit area, and always lock your car !

! be alert and aware of your surroundings and always have your keys at the ready !

! when you return to your parked car, approach it so you can see underneath the car before entering and also check the front seat as well as the back seat before getting in !

! keep a "Call Police" banner in your car !

! if accosted, yell "FIRE" instead of help to attract attention !

Simple things may make a huge difference.

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