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and having fun in the process.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Simple "My Family" Hand Puppets

Our married children did not live close to one another so the young cousins did not have many chances to see each other. These simple hand puppets gave them the opportunity to play "together."

FYI: This illustrations in this post are from "Simply Stuff for Special People,"
one of my previously self-published bookettes.
  1. From sturdy smooth-surfaced fabric, cut two identical  sections for each hand puppet, using illustration as a guideline.
  2. Enlarge photograph head shots as necessary and, following the directions that come with the medium you are using, transfer one face to head area. 
  3. Place fabric sections right sides together (so face is “inside”).
  4. Stitch around puppet leaving the bottom open. 
  5. Turn right-side out and hem bottom edge.
  6. Slip a piece of cardboard into the puppet so colors wont bleed through to the back of the puppet.
  7. Using permanent marking pens put clothes on the puppet.
I know that mail order catalogs have cloth dolls that you can have personalized by sending in a photo of your child's face ----- and a lot of money. I haven't seen any puppets but the idea is the same.

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